The Hadjimanoli company operates since 1981 with the umbrella and specializes in rain , beach , garden, as well as the promotional umbrella.

Since then has an exclusive contract with the famous French design house PIERRE CARDIN for the production and distribution of rain and beach umbrellas in Greece and Cyprus and in 2017 the company started its cooperation with the well known brand Smiley.

The collection even includes other series covering a wide range of umbrellas, designs and colors at very competitive prices.

Our extensive experience in the field has led us in cooperation with the country’s largest companies, and at the same time has managed to expand its overseas business operations to an increasing number of countries both within the European Union and beyond.

In addition, since 2014 we have extended our activity and marketing of a wide variety of furniture for professional use.

Having cooperation with the best companies in Greece and abroad, we offer furniture with an unbeatable quality and price.

Our aim is to innovate every year , providing our customers with quality products and superior service .